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What is Hoodia?


Hoodia Gordonii is an African cactus-like plant that occurs in the Kalahari in southern Africa. This cactus was first used by the San Bushmen (Wikipedia) , a nomadic tribe who live in the Kalahari desert in South Africa. There Hoodia has been used for many generations to combat hunger and thirst during hunting. The members of this strain are fit, healthy, energetic and do not suffer from overweight.

Research on Hoodia

Researchers and doctors have long researched the answer to the question: What makes sure that this cactus can inhibit your appetite?

All aspects of the Hoodia have been examined and the conclusion is as follows. The core of the Hoodia Gordonii contains a compound that is now better known as the P57 glycoside.

Hoodia P57 ingredient

The P57 ingredient is able to fool the hypothalamus (control center of the brain) by making it think that there are more sugars in the blood than is actually the case. So no signal is issued that indicates that you have to eat. Together with Hoodia you can also easily resist that bar of chocolate. Diets? You do not have to think about that anymore.

What can Hoodia do for you?

You know, you sit in the evening on the couch watching an exciting movie and suddenly out of the blue you get a sense of that bag of chips or bar of chocolate in the drawer. Before you know it, that bag of chips is empty. Especially in periods when you want to eat less or because you follow your diet, it is difficult to resist this. If you recognize yourself in this, Hoodia offers a solution. Hoodia is used for its powerful appetite-suppressing effect.

Features of Hoodia:

Powerful appetite suppressant effect. You decide what you do and do not eat.
Lose your excess pounds. Your self-image will progress by leaps and bounds.
You decide when you eat. No more bad snacks. Saying no is rather a rule than an exception.
You are able to say 'no' nice things. This will increase your confidence and you will be stronger in your shoes.

How do you know it works?

Research into the effectiveness of Hoodia has resulted in a caloric reduction of up to 800 calories in some subjects. This is naturally a great result for a 100% natural product. So if you find it hard to leave the snacks, consider adding Hoodia to your diet.

BBC reportage

The popularity of this product is partly due to the report that was broadcast by BBC News, 60 minutes and ABC News.
Part of the report in question was BBC reporter Tom Mangold went to Africa to test Hoodia. Tom and the cameraman both took the Hoodia and against all odds, both men reported that they felt very good, and most importantly, they were not hungry for about 48 hours.




Hoodia Gordonii dramatic
weight loss successes

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